Advantages to a Chevrolet electric vehicle at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois in Pennsylvania

October 28th, 2022 by

Advantages to a Chevrolet electric vehicle at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois in Pennsylvania

Benefits of Driving Electric Vehicles in DuBois, Pennsylvania

Paving the Way Towards an Electric Vehicle Future

As more and more drivers veer away from gas stations in exchange for charging stations, it’s evident that electric vehicles are the wave(lengths) of the future. In DuBois, Pennsylvania, what may have been considered by many as a trial run or even trendy act is more like the norm with EV transportation.

While the greatest incentive to driving electric vehicles is to give Mother Nature a much-needed breath of fresh air, there are a host of other benefits to driving electric and, yes, many do involve saving money and even making money.

In these next few sections, learn more about how the decision to go electric can save you money and time as it gives Mother Nature that sigh of relief. We then invite you to check out the Chevrolet electric vehicles for sale at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois, also proudly serving drivers in Reynoldsville and Falls Creek.

An Electric Outlet Requires Less Money Than a Gas Pump

Even if you have been living under a rock, word of outrageous gas prices is likely to have trickled down your way. With no end to high fuel prices in sight, what began as the alternative in electric vehicles is quickly becoming the norm.

On average, the cost to charge an electric vehicle is half the cost of what it would take to gas up a car to travel an equal distance. Over time, that money saved adds up to a pretty large number.

Typically, the driver of a Chevrolet electric vehicle from Spitzer Autoworld DuBois will charge their electric car overnight, waking up to a fully-charged vehicle ready to roll. With the increased popularity of electric vehicles, many places of business, malls, restaurants and hotels feature public charging stations. In other words, you’re never far from one in a Chevrolet electric vehicle.

Save on Repair Costs

In addition to the cost you’ll be saving by not relying on fuel, you’re also likely to notice a big, positive difference with regard to maintenance and repair bills with electric vehicle engines.

With a significantly smaller number of moving parts and never a need for an oil change, oil filter or spark plugs, electric motors produce fewer parts, which translates to fewer opportunities for anything to go wrong and require repair. That saves you time and money.

In addition, since the electric motor can decelerate the motor, regenerative braking on electric vehicles extends the life and functionality of your brake pads.

For all your service needs – electric- or fuel-based, the Spitzer Autoworld DuBois service center is prepared with a standout team of highly-trained experts.

Mother Earth Will Thank You

Back to Mother Earth. Here’s how simply it breaks down; fully electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions and smog. With the alarming impact climate change and greenhouse gasses have already made, the wave of momentum towards electric vehicles is growing day by day.

If you’re a DuBois driver curious about electric vehicles, we invite you to schedule a visit with Spitzer Autoworld DuBois for more information or even a test drive of the Chevrolet Bolt.

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