Leasing Vs. Financing

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Lease Or Finance? What Works Best For You?
Shopping for a new vehicle is an exciting journey; whether you’re buying your first car or your tenth, there’s always something special about taking home a new vehicle. Each time you shop for a new car, truck, or SUV, you’re faced with the option to pay in cash, lease, or finance. Leasing has become wildly popular in recent years thanks to its short term commitment, low monthly payments, and flexibility that allows you to drive a new vehicle every few years.

Financing your vehicle through an auto loan is also a popular option that gives you more long term benefits, and features the ability to customize your vehicle and drive as many miles as you’d like, yet isn’t always as flexible as leasing.

Whether to choose to buy or lease, trust the Auto Finance experts here at DuBois Chevy Buick GMC, formerly Johnson Motors, to get you on the road with a smile on your face.

The Benefits Of A Car Lease
A car lease is a great option for those who like to drive a new vehicle every few years. Generally ranging from 24 to 36 months, a car lease not only features a limited commitment but allows consumers to drive a more expensive car for less money each month. Unlike purchasing a vehicle, where you pay for the entire purchase price of the vehicle, a car lease only involves you paying for the depreciation plus a nominal interest rate. However, lease vehicles come with mileage limits and are not suitable for those who have long commutes and like to customize their vehicle.

The Benefits Of A Car Loan
Car loans are great for those who don’t want a car payment forever. Once a car loan is paid off, your vehicle is yours to keep without the need to make any more payments. Loan terms can stretch as far as 60 months, with some lenders even allowing you to stretch payments as far as 84. Auto loans come with no mileage cap nor condition requirements, so you’re also free to accessorize and customize your car, truck, or SUV as much as you’d like. However, like a lease agreement, an auto loan does have its drawbacks. Payments for an auto loan will likely be higher than lease payments on the same vehicle because you’re paying for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Auto loans are also not as flexible as car leases, requiring you to either pay off the loan or roll negative equity into your next vehicle should you want another one.

Empowering Financial Tools
At Spitzer Chevy Buick GMC, we strive to simplify the car-buying experience, which is why we feature powerful online tools that help you shop with confidence. Take advantage of our trade-in estimator, which gives you an educated insight into the potential value of your current vehicle.

Ready to shop with assurance? Click here to fill out our pre-approval form and get fast and easy pre-approval so you know your exact buying power when you browse our inventory.

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Regardless if you’re looking to buy the car of your dreams, or score an incredible lease deal, shop at Spitzer Chevy Buick GMC, formerly Johnson Motors, and experience the difference when exceptional service meets buyer empowerment. Visit our Finance Center today and see how easy it is to drive home in your dream car today!

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